Terms of Service

The business processes of CSIRO Verification Services - ActivFire® Scheme are subject to the contractual arrangements and conditions of our Terms of Service.

Before the ActivFire® Scheme verification process can proceed we are required to establish the following.

  1. That the Applicant (prospective or existing Client/Customer) seeking product certification is the Producer of the product(s) or authorised as the Producer Management Representative.
  2. The Producer's specified designation(s) for the product or the range of products and/or product components (i.e. Trade brand / models /Part num.s).
  3. The standards or other specified requirements to which the Producer is attesting conformity of their product(s) and seeking product certification.

Before proceeding the Applicant should familiarise themselves with the following documents that govern the ActivFire® Scheme and delivery of services.


CSIRO Verification Services - ActivFire® Scheme Terms of Service...



...for Domestic (Australian) Clients/Customers

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...for Foreign (International) Clients/Customers

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Rules governing ActivFire Scheme

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Schedule of services and fees

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Product Certification - Project/prospect registration request

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