Listing classifications

The ActivFire® Scheme extends across a broad range of active fire equipment for industrial, commercial, institutional and domestic application. Products are processed according to their listing classification and verified as complying with relevant standards, technical specifications and/or the requirements of recognised certification bodies.


The current listing classifications are summarised as follows:

Listing Body Approval: verification of conformity, registration and listing by ActivFire® Scheme, based upon evidence of conformity issued by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, CSIRO Verification Services (CSIRO Verification Services.

Recognised Body Approval: registration and listing by ActivFire® Scheme, based upon recognition arrangements and evidence of verification of conformity issued by a recognised certification body, recognised test centre or registered testing authority.


The listing classification also enables ActivFire® to appropriately determine the scope and requirements for product surveillance as applicable to each product listing.


ActivFire® will determine and advise which listing classification is applicable during the "pre-application" or "application" stage of a submission.