The CSIRO ActivFire® Scheme

In 1989, a fire protection equipment listing scheme was established by Scientific Services Laboratory (SSL) as a joint government agency and industry response to issues that were identified throughout a process of review by the Committee of Review of Standards Accreditation and Quality Control and Assurance (the Foley Report).

Support by the fire protection sector for a body responsible for the listing active fire protection equipment, continues today through the Fire Protection Association of Australia (FPAAust).

In 1999 the listing scheme was formally designated as the ActivFire® Scheme.

Subsequently, in October 2004, the services and facilities of SSL were transferred. They now operate under the new designation of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO Infrastructure Technologies).

The objectives of the CSIRO ActivFire® Scheme for certification and listing of active fire protection equipment includes the following outcomes:

  • To verify the conformity (compliance) of equipment through physical testing and appraisal to relevant and endorsed standards and specifications (reference criteria).
  • To verify and recognise approvals and certifications by other national and international bodies.
  • To provide an effective and transparent mechanism for appraisal, testing, certification and listing of emerging and new technologies in the field of active fire protection equipment and systems.
  • To provide reference documentation and information which supports the various building regulation and authority requirements for "Evidence of Suitability" for equipment used in building construction.
  • To maintain a continuing process that provides means by which the conformity of changes to products can be submitted and verified.
  • To maintain a Register of Fire Protection Equipment to publicly list and promulgate, products which meet established reference criteria for listing.

Verification of conformity for products listed by the CSIRO ActivFire® Scheme is established from the documented reference criteria such as:

  1. Australian Standards.
  2. International Standards.
  3. Technical Specifications.

Procedures and mechanisms for monitoring compliance and performance vary but generally include the following:

  • A registration, review and verification process for changes and variations to a product design and/or production.
  • Consignment or production batch selection, inspection and physical testing of commercial smoke and heat detectors.
  • Follow-up inspection and/or physical testing.

Listed products are identified in the Register of Fire Protection Equipment. This resource exists principally as an on-line database accessed through this web site. Information and supplemental documentation is also provided on-line such as

  1. Certificates of Conformity published for all ActivFire®'s registered listings.
  2. Technical Specifications.
  3. Application/advice forms and guides to the listing process and requirements.