Documents and application forms

A number of documents/forms are available for reference and completion as part of the application process of listing.

These documents can be viewed/downloaded from the following links:


CSIRO Verification Services - ActivFire® Scheme Terms of Service...



...for Domestic (Australian) Clients/Customers

 336 kB


...for Foreign (International) Clients/Customers

 336 kB


Rules governing ActivFire Scheme

 246 kB


Schedule of services and fees

 426 kB


ActivFire Scheme rules governing complaints and appeals

 103 kB


Product Certification - Project/prospect registration request

 1 MB


Product modification/variation registration and processing

 95 kB  or   119 kB


Advisory Note AN-001 (VRSLA Batteries)

 149 kB


Verification of conformity, Product designation

 55 kB


AS 7240.5 AND AS 7240.7 Evaluation for conformity, Recognition/reference to EN 54-5 AND EN 54-7 Evaluations

 59 kB

 GN-004 (draft)

AS 7240.2 AND AS 7240.4 Evaluation for conformity, Recognition/reference to EN 54-2 AND EN 54-4 Evaluations

 62 kB

 GN-005 (draft)

AS 3786 Smoke alarms, Private labelling outline

 64 kB