Listing process

The ActivFire® Listing Application Guidelines and Terms and Conditions detail the listing process and requirements.

A number of documents are available for reference and completion as part of the application process of listing.

These documents can be viewed/downloaded from the following links:


CSIRO Verification Services - ActivFire® Scheme Terms of Service.



...for Domestic (Australian) Clients/Customers

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...for Foreign (International) Clients/Customers

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Rules governing ActivFire® Scheme

 246 kB


Schedule of services and fees

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ActivFire® Scheme rules governing complaints and appeals

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Terms of Reference of the ActivFire Technical Advisory Panel (AFTAP)

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Product certification - project/prospect registration request form

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Product modification/variation registration and processing form

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Product withdrawal request form

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Advisory Note AN-001 (VRSLA Batteries)

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Advisory Note AN-004 (Li-Ion Batteries)

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Advisory Note AN-006 (Fire prevention and protection for mobile and transportable equipment)

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Advisory Note AN-007 (Condensed aerosol fire extinguishing systems)

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Advisory Note AN-008 (Gaseous fire extinguishing systems)

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Advisory Note AN-011 (2024 Revalidation Process)

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Advisory Note AN-012 (Agent / distributor)

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Advisory Note AN-014 (Product packaging, label and manual updates)

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The following is a description of the listing stages and requirements of the ActivFire® Scheme process.

Pre-application advice

Prior to preparing an application for listing, the applicant should contact ActivFire® with details of each product proposed for the submission. These details must include a description, sufficient to determine the type of product and the brand/model by which each product will be designated.

From the product details supplied by the applicant, ActivFire® will provide the following pre-application advice, which will determine the application process and requirements for each designated product.

  1. The product category/type as applicable to each designated product.
  2. The listing classification.
  • Listing Body Approval (LBA); verification of conformity, registration and listing by the ActivFire® Scheme, based upon evidence of conformity issued by the CSIRO Verification Services.
  • Recognised Body Approval (RBA); registration and listing by the ActivFire® Scheme, based upon recognition arrangements and evidence of verification of conformity issued by a recognised certification body, recognised test centre or registered testing authority.

The pre-application advice is provisional and subject to revision, upon receipt and processing of the application.



Where the applicant proposes to submit a range of products, a separate application is required for each product category/type. If the pre-application advice indicates that all products are under the same ActivFire® product category/type, only one application is required.

Each application must be accompanied by supporting technical documentation and other articles for each designated product. As appropriate to the type of product, the submitted relevant articles should adequately detail the physical, mechanical, electrical and chemical characteristics as well as installation, connection, configuration and operational requirements. Such relevant articles may include the following.

  • Technical data sheets and/or product specifications.
  • Operators manuals and installation instructions.
  • Schedule of consumable and spare parts.
  • A physical sample of the product.

Upon successful completion of the listing process the applicant company and contact details will be recorded as the Registrant for each product submitted for listing. Further details of the manufacturer company and contact will be required if the applicant is not also the manufacturer of the product.

An application for listing is initiated by submission of completed application form and accompanying relevant articles.


Processing of application

Upon receipt of an application, it will be checked for completeness and accuracy.

Provided there are no obvious problems, a Listing Investigation Schedule will be prepared which will outline the following.

  • The relevant reference criteria (standards and technical specifications) for the purposes of undertaking an evaluation for conformity.
  • Details of the authorised body or bodies recognised for undertaking evaluations for conformity investigations and providing evidence of conformity, in accordance the specified reference criteria.
  • Confirmation of registrant and distributor details as determined from the application and in accordance with the requirements of the ActivFire® Scheme.

ActivFire® will formalise and forward the Listing Investigation Schedule to the applicant to enable them to seek the required evidence of compliance from the nominated authorised bodies


Evidence/verification of conformity

The evidence/verification of conformity requirements are determined according to the listing classification and other requirements as specified in the Listing Investigation Schedule.

LBA classification

RBA classification

Under the Listing Body Approval (LBA) classification, verification of conformity is subject to the following requirements.

  • An evaluation for conformity carried out in accordance with the specified reference criteria.
  • An evaluation for conformity undertaken by the specified authorised body or bodies.
    The associated business arrangements for the evaluation for conformity are solely a matter between the applicant and the authorised body or bodies that undertake the required investigation/s.
  • Upon successful completion of the evaluation for conformity, the authorised body must issue appropriate evidence of conformity. This should be a written form of documentation, such as a report, which contains a statement of conformity with the reference criteria as specified in the Listing Investigation Schedule.



Under the recognition arrangements of Recognised Body Approval (RBA), verification of conformity can be provided through recognition of product certifications (listings and approvals) by authorised bodies specified as recognised bodies in the Listing Investigation Schedule.

The verification of conformity, from recognised bodies, must be for the same products as designated on the application, in accordance with the reference criteria specified by ActivFire®.

Examples of articles issued by recognised bodies, which may be deemed appropriate verification of conformity, include one or more of the following.

  • Product licence and schedule identifying the designations of products and reference criteria to which the licence applies.
  • Current listing entry of the designated products in the recognised body directory/register of products
  • An evaluation for conformity of the designated products concluded by statement of conformity with reference criteria.

The applicant must ensure that ActivFire® is provided with the evidence of conformity as issued by the authorised bodies or recognised bodies, if it wishes to proceed with the listing.


Finalisation and acquittal of listing application

The acquittal process, registration and listing of a product, includes the following.

  • Receipt of evidence of conformity and other relevant articles associated with the product.
  • Review and verification of evidence of conformity, relevant articles, business entities and any other matters that may have arisen in the course of the listing process, which require resolution prior to finalisation of the product listing.
  • Confirmation and registration of any changes to the product designation in the course of or subsequent to the evaluation for conformity.
  • Confirmation and registration of business entities and contacts responsible for the product, including the registrant, designated suppliers/distributors, manufacturer and designated audit centre.
  • Activation of the listing for inclusion as product in the Register of Fire Protection Equipment and assignment of product listing (afp) number.
  • Issue of confirmation of listing letter to the registrant and designated supplier.
  • Preparation of product listing and supplier details and upload of content and data to the ActivFire® web site.
  • Preparation and issue of a draft Product Listing Data Sheet for comment by the registrant and designated supplier.
  • Authorisation and issue of Product Listing Data Sheet and upload to the website.
  • Finalisation of listing process and advice, to applicant, registrant and supplier confirming on-line registration of the product listing details and the Product Listing Data Sheet.