01 Feb 2023

ActivFire® Scheme 2023 Fee Update

A new listing service fee document for ActivFire has been published effective 1-Feb-2023. Please click on the link below to open the document.

Click to open:  AF-D003-ListingServicesFees

12 Jan 2023

ActivFire® Scheme AN-001 update

With the publication of TS-015 for VRSLA batteries, AN-001 has been updated to provide more information on the changes to certification provided by CSIRO. Please click on the link below to open the advisory note.

Click to open:  CSIRO AN-001

9 Jan 2023

ActivFire® Scheme e-News 3

Happy New Year! This is the first e-News issue for 2023 in which we provide some updates about the ActivFire Scheme. Please click on the link below to open the newsletter.

Click to open:  ActivFire e-News 3

Apr 2008

ActivFire® Scheme e-News 2

In the 1st issue of the ActivFire e-News we provided initial details of our move to JAS-ANZ accreditation for our product certification schemes. Since that time, our development of the policies, procedures and documentation, that will eventually lead to JAS-ANZ accreditation, has been progressing well. This edition of the newsletter brings you up to date with the latest developments.

Click to open:  ActivFire e-News 2

Oct 2007

ActivFire® Scheme e-News 1: CSIRO Verification Services to align with requirements of ISO Guide 65 and JAS-ANZ

In July 2007, arising from proposed amendments to the Building Code of Australia, CSIRO committed to seeking accreditation as a conformity assessment body. Under this initiative the product certification services of the ActivFire Scheme will be aligned with the administrative and procedural requirements of ISO Guide 65 and the Joint Accreditation Scheme - Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ).

To inform and advise current and potential customers and stakeholders, CSIRO Verification Services is producing an electronic Newsletter about changes and developments in the field/s of product certification of specific interest.

Click to open:  ActivFire e-News 1

April 2006

The CSIRO ActivFire® Scheme - Re-validation of product listings

Product listing ‘valid until’ date:

The scope of the product listing re-validation process is to be more formalised and structured to enable CSIRO to review and verify such matters as;

  1. The currency/relevance of the reference criteria against which products are listed.
  2. The designation/authenticity/eligibility of business entities attached to listed products.
  3. Evaluations, investigations and/or inspections of products and/or products categories.
  4. Any other matters deemed appropriate to determine the ‘fitness-for-purpose’ and/or conformity of a listed product with reference criteria.

With a single ‘anniversary’ re-validation date (as opposed to different re-validation dates spread over a 1 or 2 year period), organisations designated as the registrant and supplier of listed products will now be able to periodically review and administer the status of their listings.

As part of these changes the following will apply:

  1. All product listings, issued as registrations or revisions from 1-Jan-2006, are ‘valid until’ the next re-validation date (31-Jul of each year).
  2. All on-line content, including Product Listing Data Sheets (some 1000 listings), has been set to the same re-validation date (31-Jul-2006) and published to the web site.

Listing for all products will be re-validated for the next 12 month period, on or prior to 31-Jul-2006, provided the CSIRO ActivFire® Scheme has sufficiently verified the relevant matters (items a. to d. above) in relation to the re-validation process. Re-validation does not preclude ad-hoc reviews and verification when determined by CSIRO to be appropriate and/or necessary.

September 2005

The CSIRO ActivFire® Scheme web site update

Changes to the CSIRO ActivFire® Scheme web site are sufficiently complete to enable the new content and interface to ‘go live’.

Some important features/characteristics, include the following.

  1. Access to some of the content, including query builders for the Register of Fire Protection Equipment, requires registration through the member services pages of the web site.
  2. Product listings in the Register of Fire Protection Equipment and the full detail of the product registrations are now on-line and will be updated at not less than weekly intervals.
  3. Structured querying of the Register is provided as follows.
  1. Quick query.  This is a quick search and builds a product listing report which is based upon a designated supplier and/or product type.
  2. Query builder.  This multi-page query creates a product listing report based upon criteria which corresponds closely to the format and sections of the original Register of Fire Protection Equipment.
  1. Report pages constructed from the queries contain the following information.
  1. Designation of product listing entry.
  2. Listing version and status.
  3. Designated supplier contact details.
  4. The “view details” hyperlink which provides important extended information relating to the product listing entry such as;
  • Associated/supplementary listing details, such as models within a product series or designated components of a system.
  • Reference criteria upon which the verification of conformity for the listing was based.
  • Designated supplier details.
  • Designated manufacturer details.
  1. A hyperlink field views/downloads the Portable Document Format (PDF) of the Product Listing Data Sheet.
  2. The report pages can be reformatted to “print friendly” to produce a hard copy summary.

Note: Each report page displays up to 50 records at a time. Select <next> or <previous> buttons at the bottom of the page should a query capture more than 50 records.

  1. Other services, such as on-line access to documentation associated with the requirements and process of listing, will be provided progressively.